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Marinating Moments


The spiritual truths found in the Word of God are the marinade in which human souls should bathe. Immersing ourselves in the enzyme action of God’s transforming Word, steeping in the authenticity of His divine reason, will condition and tenderize our hearts for His service. The ultimate result will produce succulent, plump, and savory fruit of the Spirit in and through our lives.


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Marc Knutson has felt the joys of successes and the pains of failures. He has a balanced story to tell, and this book is his vehicle to reach you, the reader. His life experiences like yours and mine are not always how he imagined; but combined, his experiences are what make a good book. May you glean and enjoy Marc’s captivating message.

~Dr. Mike MacIntosh


I love this book! Marc Knutson has a unique gift for bringing Scripture to everyday life. The Bible happened to real people going about their everyday lives, and Marc helps us slow down and consider their thoughts and emotions. We begin to see and hear the truths of Scripture in a fresh way and realize we have more to learn from the old stories. We constantly need to protect ourselves from thinking we’ve already learned a lesson. God is still speaking, and He uses new voices like Marc’s to help us keep listening. Marinating Moments is a good read.

~Terry McNabb, pastor of Calvary Chapel, Portland, OR


We marinate meat to infuse new flavor by adding enriching seasoning. Marinating takes time, but gives us a little different taste. Marc Knutson takes basic familiar truths and, creatively, gives us a new approach so we can meditate and look at them in fresh ways. He adds meditation questions to each chapter, that we may take time for the marinating to have its full effect.

~Carl Westerlund, director of the School of Ministry,

Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA


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