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Marc Knutson began life with a death sentence hanging over his head.  Within hours of his birth, Doctors proclaimed that he wouldn’t live through the day.  His prognosis, as grim as it was, befuddled modern medicine, but couldn’t tie the hands of God, who spared the young man’s life.  The son of an American career soldier, he was born in Germany and as the result of his native French mother, his maternal language was French.  Eventually, in later years, Marc entered the military service and spent two combat tours of duty with a naval aviation squadron in Viet-Nam.  


Today, Marc lives in the bustling city of Portland Oregon and rides the local rivers on his son's boat, who fashions himself as a modern day pirate, and also enjoys time with the grandkids.  Annually, he and his daughter set aside one University of Oregon home football game for a ‘Father-Daughter’ date night.  Although she has provided him with two grandchildren, their tradition, the date nights, are always special, no matter their ages.  Marc has been in Ministry for over 30 years, including Pastoring a church he planted in Oregon.  He has earned his Master’s Degree in Communications through Gonzaga University.


Scripture is a rich sauce with many ingredients and textures meant to be savored, not gulped down and forgotten about. The stories in Marinating Moments are designed to help us slow down—push the pause button on our busy lives—and meditate in God’s rich word. Like an onion, the stories of the Bible have many layers, each one revealing a new lesson and point of view.


Using parables and allegories for the modern-day reader, author and teacher Marc Knutson offers a fresh way of looking at biblical stories without adding or subtracting from the Bible’s inerrant message. Each story is a quick read, but will linger long after, inspiring deeper reflection and real-life personal application. Reflection questions can be used for individual devotion, journaling, or as a small-group discussion guide.


Marc has also produced a riveting series about the "Mysteries of the Bible".  Please click here for more information regarding his Signet Series!

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